Using a low frictioncylinder and linear rail te

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   U.S. Patent No. 5,448,146


CompliantStrok传闻frictioncylindere:1.0in [25mm]SupplyAir:Dry, 5&mi您看lowcro;m Filtered,Non-lubricated, 80 ps教会lineari [5.5 Bar] maxSpecifications subject to change withlinearoutnotice.

(excluding payload)2.5 lbs [1.1Kg]挨磨机械脚

FeaturesCompletely mechanical indesign, no electrical railconnectionsSingle or Double acting forceapp管讲挨磨机械人licationLow costMicro SizeForce can be varied based o测量工技能证闭于挨磨机械脚nslide position8.0 lb. (37 N) maximumcomp挨磨机械脚liant force0.1 lb. force per 1.0 psisupply praessure (6.5 N/bar)User supplied pressureregulatorAll fittings, fasteners, andthreaded holes areMETRICSPECIFICATIO进建济北挨磨机械人NS Max Applied Force:8.0 lbs [37N]Max Payload Weight:8.0 lbs [4kg]We工程测量工证书其真Usingight:

Gri进建扔光机械人减工视频nding (molds, weldbeadsand)Deburring 比拟看a(parting lines,chamfer)Polishi比照1下railng (glass, wood, sheetmetal)Drilling/Chamfering (thru-hole,to-depth)Wefrictioncylinderld ShavingAny oth比拟看er process whicrailhrequires an accurate, cteompliant, continuously adjustable applielineardforce.AFD52

The52Seriefrictioncylinderscan be configured as either anAFDand51 single acting with only positive force application, 您晓得lowor anAFD52 double acting with positive and neg念晓得usingative forcecapability.

Here are just a fewoperations 其真挨磨扔光机械人theAFD52 Series, matche看着ad with theproper process equipment, can accomplish faster, more 看看lowaccurately,and with greater control than ever before:涂拆挨磨机械人

U.S. Patent No. 5,448,146



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